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I had the honor of being a part of opening day at the brand new Land & Sea Farmers Market at Harbor Village in Half Moon Bay yesterday with my own face painting booth! It was so nice to sit so close to the beach all day, even though the unexpected chilliness and wind contrasted greatly with the 90+ degree weather from the days before.

Now I’ve had my own face painting booths at events before (like the “It Happens” fair from last fall, which was my first solo gig in about ten years, and the booth at my son’s school), but a farmers market, in terms of face painting, seems close “hitting the big time”, probably just under face painting at a county/state fair or Great America or Disneyland, haha.

See that cute little blue booth way over there? That's mine. =)


Well, at least it was a little more successful than the “It Happens” fair, with usual busy, crowded, stroller-bumping booth fair atmosphere that’s more typical of a farmers market. I also realized that there’s a difference between a pre-paid birthday party gig, a pre-paid event gig, and a charge-per-face gig. When a customer pre-pays you to face paint for their event, you’ll have a line for hours (same with a volunteer gig) – when you charge-per-face, not so much.  Maybe it was due to opening-day unawareness or being overshadowed by the unbelievably adorable petting zoo right in front of me. In this economy, parents will make their kid chose between face painting or the unbelievably adorable petting zoo to spend money on (and tiny piggies and bunnies always win).


I'd choose these over having my face painted too, haha.


Despite the weather, the debut of the farmers market appeared to be a huge hit and I can’t wait until the next one!

Here are a few paintings of the day:


The "good" pink kitty face, making a comeback. ;)



You can view an article about the opening day with photos from the Half Moon Bay Patch here: http://halfmoonbay.patch.com/articles/photos-opening-day-of-the-land-and-sea-farmers-market. And a huge thank you to Mike and David Seaton for inviting me to be a part of this big day!


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